Working with a philanthropic advisor is different for every donor.

Some donors want to play a central role in identifying and vetting organizations, meeting leaders, and developing strategies. Other donors want to provide broad outlines and leave the rest to their advisor. 

Some want help devising a strategy and can manage the grantmaking on their own. Others know the difference they’re trying to make and need help finding organizations that support that goal. And others want strategy, grant-making services, help engaging the next generation, and a full range of services. 

We customize our process to meet your specific needs. However, in most cases, the process unfolds like this:


You define success

What are your goals? Do you already have a charitable cause, or do you want to learn about a variety of issues and promising solutions?

Are you interested in making a single transformative grant to an established organization and need help maximizing impact?

You determine where we'll go and how fast we'll get there.  We'll help you make informed choices and understand how you can be most effective. 


We identify opportunities

After learning about your passions and goals, we research winning strategies and introduce you to leading organizations. 

We help you narrow the possibilities and focus your approach. We may make site visits and facilitate conversations with potential grantees and experts in the field. 

We'll give you the information you need to decide how you can best make a difference. 

You can be as visible (or anonymous) as you like. 


We manage the grant and measure impact

We draft grant agreements and coordinate with your financial advisors to make the grants.

We receive monitoring reports so together we can determine if your grant was successful in creating your desired impact.